NetSuite is the most famous company in the world’s leading accounting as well as an ERP software program. It is capable of efficiently finishing all your back-office processes. This all-inclusive business accounting software has been introduced as a comprehensive business suite that encompasses all aspects of enterprise resource planning.

The company is a cloud-based bookkeeping software company that came in 1998 in America. And launched by Evan Goldberg at headquarters Redwood Shores, California.

It provides software and services for managing financial operations customer relationships and is best for all types of businesses include modules for ERP.CRM, PSA, and e-commerce.

In July 2002, they appointed Zach Nelson CEO before Netsuite joined. The experience led him to believe that the Internet would distribute all software, and he left McAfee to join Netfight. The company is leading whose profit range from $1 million to a billion-dollar run-rate earlier its acquisition by Oracle Corporation.

Features Of Netsuite business accounting software

NetSuite deals with seven different modules and each module draws data from a shared database. This interconnectivity drives users to specific modules or features of the bottom cover.

The Financial Management module allows users access to real financial data and a guided link within accounting and compliance management.

User want to get sped up and accurate reporting on the real-time data from these features:-

Reporting or financial planning

It integrates user planning, budgeting, and forecasting, real-time rendering, demand and decision making data.

Tax management

NetSuite’s configuration tax engine provides end-to-end domestic and international tax management through an easy, easy-to-use system that generates elaborated reports. so users will analyze activities to align goods tax details in the time.

NetSuite Global Accounting

Closing that facility, disclosing capacity, and supporting or shutting down international compliance and regulations is inexpensive for quick.

Fixed Assets Management

NetSuite Fixed Asset Management supports detailed asset management, including maintenance schedules and insurance, providing tight accounting integration, so that your real estate information is always accurate.

Accounting and financing

It combines the tool with core accounting functions with real-time business insights or financial vision to drive for financial growth.

Recognition revenue

This helps with compliance or scheduling modules.

NetSuite help with Governance, Compliance or Risk

This tool is routinely addressed and releases risks through technology and automated process.


Users can combine sales, finance, or fulfillment with that module for seamless processing.

Ordering management solutions to improve cash flow, increase delivery on time, reduce shipping costs and integrate with CRM include: –

Pricing or Promotion of NetSuite Business Accounting Software

NetSuite prices are varied to each customer, it comes with different business accounting software features. And these features have different prices, like it including EVP configuration, required add-on modules, total user count and contract length. Its basic version costs are $ 99 per month with an access cost of $ 99 per user.handled customers or currency, gross profit for analysis level.

Return and sales order management

Once Any product has marked as for the return than it is important to identify the next steps as to whether they can be a replacement, ship on return, return for check/repair or even issue a return. In all cases, NetSuite will walk you through the steps required to ensure optimal results. Refunds must be warranted, these can easily be processed with payment in the form of a check or credit card refund charge.

How does Netsuite software work?

NetSuite Software is a cloud-based company that allows companies to manage all major business processes in a single system. Most business owners are using NetSuite business accounting software for enterprise resource planning (ERP) and maintain inventory. Also, track their finances and host e-commerce stores.

And finally, manages customer relationship management (CRM) systems. NetSuite, running with over 1800 customers, is 10 times larger than any of the largest competitors in the ERP market. A wide range of NetSuite functions with industry-specific support means that NetSuite business accounting software works with your actual business needs.

NetSuite with Business Challenges

  1. Reducing control and evaluation of journal entries.
  2. Too long hold for closed books at the end of the period and year.
  3. Prepare manual reports regularly and require time or often excel.
  4. There is a real-time lack of visibility into decision making.

Pros and cons of Netsuite

Pros Cons
  • Netsuite is a scalable software.
  • Netsuite provides automation of the QuickBooks process it can handle
  • Process efficiency in the organization.
  • Visibility is improved with the help of real-time visibility.
  • Significant IT time and cost savings because NetSuite saves time to improve maintenance.
  • Opening new branches lead to quick development as it uses less time to maintain business accounting.
  • It helps the company in the sales process.
  • User-Driven Innovation.
  • Customize and extend NetSuite with Suitflex. SuiteFlex is world-renowned software as a service (SaaS).
  • Prices are slightly higher than other cloud-based accounting software.
  • If you want to talk with customer care then you will need an upgrade to the premium account.
  • Limitations on the report, search and hardcode functionality.
  • Once in an accident, there are some issues, the commerce part may be better.
  • It takes high-level customization.
  • Support is cumbersome and is not user-friendly, especially for non-technical business people.
  • Most actions need several steps to resolve, and custom coding is required to organize any redundancy.