How To Update Quickbooks Desktop?

Quickbooks is a complete accounting solution for small & mid-sized businesses. Since its origin, until now the company does changes in QuickBooks software to make it more secure & powerful. the company provides those changes to all QuickBooks users in the form of online updates. And these Quickbooks updates do some necessary changes in your QuickBooks product.

And if a user is unable to download this QuickBooks update then the user sees QuickBooks error messages and window crash problem. Hence if you don’t want to face any kind of problem while using QuickBooks then update Quickbooks desktop.

Why Do We Need To Update Quickbooks Desktop?

QuickBooks software updates are important because they often include important patches in security holes. They can also improve and develop the stability of your software, and remove old and previous outdated features. All these updates are aimed at improving the user experience.

Different Ways of Updating Quickbooks Desktop:

QuickBooks software provides 3 ways to update the QuickBooks desktop.
And every method requires a high-speed internet connection. All three methods are given below:

  1. On-demand (instant) update method
  2. Automatic update method (default setting), and manual update method

Once you have downloaded QuickBooks updates successfully. it will install all important files to the correct location on your computer. When all the updates downloaded, QuickBooks automatically blink notification to install the update, the next time you restart your QuickBooks. Sometimes you have to close your QuickBooks and then start it again before the update takes effect.

Notice: you may install the update on each laptop if you utilize QuickBooks professional or Premier in multi-user mode.

Instant update method:

QuickBooks provides you with a link on their website to download desktop updates. And from the QuickBooks download link, you can download the update from the Intuit server instantly on your computer.

It does not matter if your QuickBooks is running or closed in your system. You can use this method any time and download the update directly even if automatic updates are enabled in your software. But the user must check for any QuickBooks updates once in a month.

Let’s see now how to check updates to Quickbooks…

How to check and install QuickBooks updates:
  • From the Help menu, click Update QuickBooks.
  • After that, you have to click on the Update Now tab.
  • Now choose the updates you would like to transfer and click on Get update. you’ll be able to conjointly see what’s another within the latest update from the update column. Click on the maintenance release link provided by the Quickbooks. Now you can see that a page has been displayed which lists the changes/fixes in the update
  • Now close your QuickBooks.
How to check you have the latest version Quickbooks desktop or not
  • Start your Quickbooks Desktop
  • Click the F2 key from the keyboard. it will be used to open the product information window.
  • After that check your current version and release date.
  • Let’s see if the user has the latest available release for your version, Some latest version is below…
    • QuickBooks 2017
    • QuickBooks 2018
    • QuickBooks 2019
    • QuickBooks 2020
  • Whenever you restart your Quickbooks product. lt will show you a popup message that updates sooner or later.
  • In any case, it relies upon which Quickbooks version you kept. At the point when you see the message, click Install now or Yes to introduce the important updates. After complete establishment, restart your PC.
  • Significant If you need to introduce a supported discharge, close and revive your QuickBooks desktop. A popup will show up on the screen after which you need to tap on install.

Note: Updation files doesn’t installed automatically.

Automatic and manual update method (default setting)

With the help of the automatic update setting, the user doesn’t have to worry about any latest updates. It will auto check from the intuit server for the latest updates for QuickBooks desktop. And it will be downloaded automatically if your system is connected through the internet. And installed at the required location automatically. But if you don’t want to do the automatic update, then you can disable it.

  • Simply you have to start QuickBooks and go to the help section.
  • Then select update QuickBooks desktop.
  • Now click on the Options tab in the Update tab book window
  • Then select choose the option you want to select. Select “Yes” to enable or select “Not” to disable the automatic update option.
  • Select the update you want to receive and update from the update section, which you do not want to update, then you want to enable the automatic update option.
  • But if you have disabled the option, you will not receive any notification, even if any update is available on the Intuit server. But from time to time, you will receive a message asking if you want to use the update service.
  • Note that this is only a reminder to notify you to check for updates, this does not mean that an update is available.
  • Now click on the Save and then Close.


We have provided you all the information for updating your Quickbooks desktop. But yet if you face any problem in updating QuickBooks. Then the user can visit QuickBooks site to direct download QuickBooks updates. But our strong opinion is, you must use the update feature to install Quickbooks update desktop.